Final Build


This is a 2-player game! Controls can be changed in the paublog_marianne_controls.pngse menu. (p/start)


This is the end.

I added a main menu with character and level select, a score tally at the end of the round and an end screen to show who won how many rounds.



After that I worked on getting everything working properly for the final build and clearing out all the issues that popped up.

[DEV] Tutorial, UI, Settings

So, it’s done!

Since my last blog post, I added a tutorial that goes through all the steps of the game and explain players how to play the game.

I also finalized the UI and added some settings, such as the quality settings.

Most work went into bugfixing and generally finishing every small aspect of the game. (2).gif


Final update

Hi! Long time no see. This will be my last update.

I worked on a coach animation for th tutorial level;

I made ramps for the characters, pickup box, making a prefab for every different level so they match with the environment.

I made a new logo based of Kiril’s design & made a splash screen for our game;


I made some more UI elements

I rendered out our characters & Level screenshots to use them in the choice menu

I made some more effects/animations

Due to a computer crash I lost some assets, so I (re)made some things to fill up the pirate level


Lastly I fixed/improved some previously done work & made a ppt for our presentation.

Marianne Peeters


Double double, no trouble.

The past 2 weeks I…

    • Moved the throwforce bar from the canvas to 3D world space as players often ignored it. Now it’s right where you’re aiming so you automatically see it.



  • Added UI for the abilities using Marianne’s icons.


  • Made the sci-fi level gameready and made the cars pass by and knock back balls.


  • Made the pirate lvl playable with waves and the ship heaving back and forth. Rotating the entire game gave some issues with playercontrols and aiming.


  • Made the newest version of the mountain river level playable.


  • Changed the pickups from placeholder beams to marianne’s box mesh.
    • Falls from the sky.
    • Picked up when dashed trough, destroyed when hit by a damaging ball.
    • Indicates what pickup it is on the box.
    • Debris disappears after a while.


  • Added audio for:
    • Level ambience.
    • Waterfalls.
    • Timer nearing 0.
    • Game ending.
    • Pickup crate breaking.
    • Planks colliding.
  • And ofcourse, many fixes and adjustments.

[Dev] Changing characters

In the last two weeks I worked on making the characters changeable. Both players can now choose which character they want to play as with a dropdown option in the pause menu, and their characters will be swapped out straight away.

I also fixed a lot of bugs this week, and some general cleanup and tweaking of the gameplay. And finally I started experimenting how we could add a tutorial.


[Art]Levels, props, character

I made another, hopefully cute and not scary, character:


I made a pickup mesh. It is made up out of several mesh-elements so it can get destroyed into seperate parts


I updated the scifi level


I started working on some props for the new pirate level

Lastly I fixed some small things like the Win widget animation, the split screen sprite

Marianne Peeters